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> Biography

Bloodevil is a thrash-metalcore band born when Angelo Bissanti, guitarist and founder member of Flames Of Hate, decided to give shape to an old project which was never put in place before. Between June and July 2010, the increasingly compelling idea of creating music in which the melodic and technical side could be conjugated to an harder one, drove Angelo in the research of musicians with the same musical taste.
Among the early members we mention the young Acid Rain guitarist Fabio Mattina; the singer and founder member of Flames of hate Angelo Rizzuto and the other founder member of Flames Of Hate: the drummer Andrea Sardo.
Later, the drummer Andrea Sardo, which was not showing the right approach, was replaced by Salvatore Li causi(SKIZZO), guitarist and leader of Gegen, guitarist of thrash bombz, Guitarist of Flames of Hate and drummer of The Krushers.
About an year later, after long researches, the bassist of Religio Mortis Salvatore
Pluchino joined the band.
The vocalist Angelo Rizzuto, who was in the band for the first period, went out of the band because his vocal timbre was inappropriate to the songs. The turning point came when the guitarist Angelo Bissanti tried to sing and the band liked his voice so much that he became the official singer.
Bloodevil finally found their final line-up in September 2011.
In January 2012 came out the demo “Promo 2012”, which contains 4 of the 10 tracks
of their full-length “INFECTON”
In March 2013 Bloodevil enter the “FX studio project” to record the full-length “INFECTION”. Before the beginning of the recordings, the guitarist Fabio Mattina leave the band, but he records anyway his guitar solos.
When the recordings ended, the drummer Salvatore Li Causi became the new guitarist and the drummer Tony Corio takes his place.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Infection CD EBM 2014
Promo Self Release 2012
> Line-up
Vocals/Guitars: Angelo Bissanti
Guitar: Salvatore Li Causi
Bass: Salvatore Pluchino
Drums: Tony Corio
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