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Title: Krvave Ruke...Krvavi Novac
Format: CD
Release Date: 01/Sep/2009
Price: $9.00 USD

Since the band´s debut classic "Pobjeda Je Nasa" Bolesno Grinje has remained true to their original sound. Since then many things have been said about this amazing act. Now, with this the bands latest and best work to date, we can say only one thing that better describe them: True Grindcore belongs in the Underground and Bolesno Grinje is 100% pure fuckig Grindcore !!.

17 tracks of some of the fiercest and most incendiary music coming from Europe.

> Track List
1. Samostan 10. 005
2. Pocetak, droga, kraj 11. Svakodnevki radni pakao
3. Kanta za riganje 12. Komplikacije sa mozgom
4. Exploziv 13. Nova era seljanizma
5. Krvave ruke, krvavi novac 14. Seronja
6. Pohlepni kurvini sinovi 15. Umri, gade, umri
7. Kredit (crknite od gladi) 16. Kataklizma
8. Ples mrtvaca 17. Hail grinje
9. Prokletnik
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> Reviews
Lords of Metal
Last year the newest CD ‘Bloody Hands, Bloody Money' by the Croatic punk band Bolesno Grinje on the Mexican Endless Brutality Of Men label was released. A closer look shows us that the recordings are from 2008 even. The review is a bit overdue, or actually… If I would review it yesterday or tomorrow, or in a years' time or in a decade, you will always know what Bolesno Grinje stands for. Listenable punk grindcore with Croatian lyrics. For our ease the translation is printed as well and the lyrics are mostly about the unfair treatment of the working man. I do not know if they will achieve more than a local stir up, but eighteen straight through and honest East-European grindcore songs that you can best buy in a second hand shop in a few years…
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