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> Biography

OLD SCHOOL POWER/THRASH METAL PROJECT in the spirits of SANCTUARY and OVERKILL. It was born in the mind of bassist and principal song writer Mariyan Georgiev .With the help of his old time friends and former band mates Georgy and Staffa he developed and created the project now known as MOSH-PIT JUSTICE .Combining POWER,PROGRESSIVE, THRASH and DOOM the band brings fresh grasp of air in today's metal scene.In 2012 they've released their first EP named THE SERPENT produced and recorded by Staffa Vasilev."wicked Messiah " (two song single) was released early in the year 2013

> Discography
Album Label Year
The Serpent EP Self Release 2012
Wicked Messiah - maxi single (2 songs) Self Release 2013
> Line-up
Bass/backing vocals: Mariyan G
Vocals: George Peichev
Guitars,drums,backing vocals: Staffa Vasilev
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