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Title: At Whores with Satan
Format: CD
Release Date: 23/Jul/2018
Price: $9.00 USD

EBM records presents the 49th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

Italian alcoholicThrashers, Sofisticator, have decided to publish a new irreverent and harassing album for the joy of all the drunk music maniacs who still have the dare to really suck listening to the true ignorant Metal!
The Tuscan band claims to have put in music (and grunts) with this third album - absolutely Thrash Metal without mercy and half measures - the most foolish, dirty and sick stories that fill their minds in the form of alcoholic fantasies! This resulted in an abominable creation entitled 'At Whores with Satan', a record consisting of a series of fantastic-sci-fi-grotesque-porn-horrifying tales, truly of an extreme bad taste and with the minimum logical sense ... just the way they like it, with the sole purpose of provoking and harassing the soul and ears of all those who will listen!!!
The offensive work - which contains among others the longest song ever written by Sofisticator, a luciferine Thrash Metal suite in 666 bars ... so watch out for (not so fake) news as well as for the weather: this is gonna be a really hellish summer!!!! .

> Track List
1. Violent prostitution 6. Love and infection
2. Twisted into porn 7. Masturbatiing the priest
3. Battle Hymen 8. PCum ass uterus
4. Bondage by blood 9. Vulvager
5. Scrotomia 10. At whores with satan
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