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> Biography

DEADLY MOSH is speed metal band from Kragujevac (central Serbia), which was formed in 2008 by Nikola "Skullcrusher" Slavkovic (former bass player) and Jovan "Steelscreamer" Komnenic (guitars). Soon after that in April the same year, band joined three more members, Milos Priestkiller Stosic (vocals), Andrija Devilchaser Grozdanovic (guitars) and Bora Helldiver Petrovic (drums). Since the beginning the band was focused on their own material and after only 4 months they released their first EP Fuck Holy War which was accepted very well by the audience. In October 2008 EP Fuck Holy War was published by Macedonian label Terror Blast Production with another thrash metal band Pollution from Belgrade on split album called Deadly Pollution. Band spent the entire 2009 working on their new songs and promoting their EP. Because of disagreements in the band the new EP Blind Leads The Blind was released in 2010, a whole year after it was previously planned. Stay Pure Production another label from Macedonia decided to publish Blind Leads The Blind on split album with Warnament (thrash metal band from Macedonia). Split album was called Label to Confront. Only a few days after the split album was published, the bass player Skullcrusher decided to leave the band because of disagreements with other members.

He was soon replaced by Aleksandar "RapidBastard" Milutinovic. Not longer after that,the band spent most of the time in studio working on their first album that was planned for the end of 2011, but because of many problems that band was facing, recording of Hellsound lasted almost one and a half year.But as result of all hard work and commitment of all band members the album Hellsound was published by a Switzerland's label Miner Recordings in 2012. However, “ Hellsound” was published later than it was originally expected, so band had a lot material and songs that were already finished so they decided to release the EP “Evil In The Night” in the meantime, which was also published by Miner Recordings.
That was, in a sense, a breaking point for the band because three members were kicked out during the process of recording. Only Milos “Priestkiller” Stosic as vocalist and composer and Aleksandar “RapidBastard” Milutinovic as bass player. Band played in various line-ups until Luka Milosevic and Vojin Ratkovic were listed as new official members which would later record their parts on United By Pain. Recording lasted from October 2013 until June 2014 and the album consist of eight songs.
The band, in mentioned line-up, works on promoting the EP and new album as well.

> Discography
Album Label Year
United by Pain EBM 2014
2013 – Evil In The Night (EP) Miner Recordings 2013
Only Fools And Horses (Single) Self Released 2013
Hellsound (Full-lenght) Miner Recordings 2012
Stargate/Fuck Holy War (Maxi Single) Self Release 2012
Serbian Thrash Metal Fist Unleashed (Comp) Butcher Sound 2010
Labeled to Confront Split w/Warnament Stay Pure Prod. 2010
The Blind Leads The Blind (EP) Self Release 2010
Deadly Pollution Split w/Pollution Self Release Terror Blast Prod. 2008
Fuck Holy War (EP) Self Release 2008
> Line-up
Vocals: Milos “Priestkiller” Stosic
Guitar: Luka Milosevic
Bass: Aleksandar “RapidBastard” Milutinovic
Drums: Vojin Ratkovic
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