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Apr//2017 - EBM to release debut full length of Charlotte (USA) Thrashers Nemesis.

EBM records just signed Charlotte (USA) Thrashers NEMESIS for their debut album to be out this April/2017.
Formed in 2008 under the short lived name, "Ravage", Nemesis quickily entered the Charlotte scene with their unique raw, and fast style of thrash. Combining elements of bands like Exumer and Vio-lence with clean, high vocals in the vein of Nasty Savage and Agent Steel with "80's b-horror/sci-fi" themed lyrics.
EBM continues its commitment to bring to the masses some of the best Thrash Metal from around the globe !

Release date: Apr/2017




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Mar//2017 - EBM to release debut full length of Italian Thrashers Assaulter

After their strong debut EP in 2013, the Italian Thrahers return with more of their frantic and maniac style of Thrash Metal in their debut full legth: Meat Grinder.

If you were able to check their EP then you know what to expect !!. Some of the fastest, fiiercest and most intense Thrash Metal coming from Europe !!.

Release date: Apr/2017




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May//2016 - EBM to repress SOFISTICATOR's Camping the Vein and Death by Zapping albums.

Formed in 2007 and influenced by bands like Exodus, Slayer, Death,
Demolition Hammer etc. Unhoped mixes razor sharp riffs, fast drumming
and furious vocals to create a sonically violent atmosphere

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Mar//2016 - Deadly Mosh - The Haunted - Official video

Deadly Mosh delivered, via Youtube, the Official video for The Haunted. Taken from the band's latest release on EBM records:




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Jan//2016 - EBM signs UNHOPED from Finland !

Unhoped from Finland just signed a deal with EBM for the release of their brand new full length album "Sonic Violence".

Formed in 2007 and influenced by bands like Exodus, Slayer, Death,
Demolition Hammer etc. Unhoped mixes razor sharp riffs, fast drumming
and furious vocals to create a sonically violent atmosphere.

Combining elements of Thrash and Death Metal, Unhoped delivers 35 minutes of full-blown brutal THRASH!!!

Release date: Feb 2016




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Jan//2016 - EBM to repress REVENGE's Metal is Addiction and Obsession

EBM will re-press the successful REVENGE - Metal is Addiction and Obsession which has been sold out for some time now.

This new edition will include some extra tracks still to be defined by the band. The guys have informed us that those tracks could be songs taken from a "Live Gig" or maybe a "Private Rehearsal" exclusively recorded for this new edition.

Release date: Mar 2016




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Jan//2016 - Deadly Mosh - Altar of pain - Official video

Deadly Mosh delivered, via Youtube, the Official video for Altar of Pain. Taken from the band's latest release on EBM records:




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Jan//2016 - Forever Storm - Made of Lies- Official video

Forever Storm just delivered, via Youtube, the Official video for "Made of Lies". Taken from the band's latest release on EBM records:




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Sep//2014 - EBM signs DEADLY MOSH from Serbia !

Deadly Mosh from Serbia just signed a deal with EBM for the release of their brand new full length album "United by Pain" which will be ready this Sep/2014.

With an already solid discography the band has defined a very particular sound that has evolved from their previous efforts, making "United by Pain" their best album so far since it shows the band's true possibilities.

Along with Serbian Pollution, Toxic Trace and Forever Storm, Deadly Mosh is another killer addition to our ever growing family !

Release date: Sep 2014




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Sep//2014 - TORMENTER - "Prophetic Deceiver " CD coming via EBM !!

L.A. Thrashers Tormenter just finished the last touches for their brand new Full Length "Prophetic Deceiver " which will be Released via EBM records this coming Oct/2014.

The art was provided by Andrei Bouzikov who as some of you know has provided art for such bands Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Cannabis Corpse (Official) and many more!

"Prophetic Deceiver" will be released Late October/Early November and pre-orders will be available in a few weeks. The first single "Exile from Flesh" will be posted in the beginning of October.

Official Track-List:

1. Snakes in the Throne Room
2. Hanging from a Noose
3, Prophetic Deceiver
4, Exile from Flesh
5, C.P.R
6. Critical Stasis
7. The Final Form
8. Sacrilege
9. Cosmic Collapse

Release date: Oct/2014




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Jul//2014 - EBM signs TWILIGHT ZONE from Italy !

Heavy Metal revelation from Italy just signed a deal with EBM for the release of their 2014 full length album: The beginning...

With 'The beginning', Italian Heavy Metal masters TWILIGHT ZONE present their debut full length that shows the band matured and improved, reaching a whole new creative level; it definitely stands as a 'manifesto', defining what TWILIGHT ZONE is all about. Even though they always delivered quality music, 'The beginning' now displays the true potential of this exceptional outfit. Stylistically, it combines the best of the band's earlier days with maturity and improved songwriting and production skills.

Release date: Jul/Aug 2014


TWILIGHT ZONE - "Official Promo" Video


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Dec//2013 - EBM signs FOREVER STORM from Serbia !

Progressive/Power Thrash Metal revelation from Serbia just signed a deal with EBM for the release of their 2013 full length album: Tragedy.

Tragedy shows all the exciting elements of Forever Storm, and presents a band very sure of its possibilities. Tragedy is melodic, powerful, fresh and technically elaborated. It's heavy as much as it can be but at the same time it shows an incredible sense of melody.

Tragedy pushes on the modern direction taken with the previous 2009 album. The songwriting is inspirational and avoids clichés; each band member is under the spotlight and contributes to a monstrous sound...

The album has it all: great guitar solos, great vocals and a rhythm section like few in heavy metal. Forever Storm has been kissed by the muse of inspiration on this album, which is destined to be one of their all times favorites.
Overall, this album is a first-rate masterpiece by a band of first-class musicians

Release date: Dec/2013


FOREVER STORM - "Mother" Official Video


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Sep//2013 - TORMENTER - "Phantom Time" EP coming via EBM !!

L.A. Thrashers Tormenter just finished the last touches for their brand new EP "Phantom Time" which will be Released via EBM records this coming Oct/2013.

"Phantom Time" is an urgent and furious record that is sure to excite thrash fans young and old (school). Featuring artwork by Spain's illustrator Raul Gonzalez (Master, Ataraxy), it is a album that will be seen (on t-shirts) and heard around the globe beginning late October.

Tormenter is back !! .

Release date: Oct/2013


TORMENTER - EP preview


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Jul/2013 - VIOLENTOR - Live Update (coming shows) !


for VIOLENTOR merchandise please write to: violentor@live.it

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Jun//2013 - SOFISTICATOR - to play the Metal Jungle Fest w/EXODUS


HEADSHOT ORE 19.45 - 20.15
MOTUS TENEBRAE ORE 20.30 - 21.00
SOFISTICATOR ORE 21.10 - 21.40
ETHERNA ORE 21.50 - 22.20
EXODUS ORE 22.30 - 24.00

- Click on the Image for more Info -

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May//2013 - EBM signs SICK FAITH from Colombia !!

Coming from Colombia, Sick Faith have decided to show everyone that 80's Thrash still lives.

After 20years of the origin of this genre, Sick Faith made Thrash-Metal a constant meal, but still adds its touch of modern energy, beer and party! Sick Faith are not "just another Thrash band"!

Blinded Nation is the Band's debut Full Length and is the best example of some of the best Thrash Metal coming from Southamerica.

The music is intense, the shows are passionate and you can feel how the Metal flows through the blood of these Young and Promising Thrashers !!!

Release date: Jun/2013


SICK FAITH - Blindfolded (Official Video)

Watch Video here


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May//2013 - NUCLEAR OMNICIDE - to play the SteelFest



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May//2013 - NUCLEAR OMNICIDE - Releases Official Video

Nuclear Omnicide just released their first music video for "Lethal Obsession" .

Enjoy !.

Watch Video here

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May//2013 - EBM signs EXTREME ATTACK from Ecuador !!

Ecuador's Thrash Metal sensation, Extreme Attack, has signed to EBM for the release of their debut album "In the name of Thrash Metal".

We could say a lot of things about this killer Ecuatorian band, but better to check for yourself their Official video : "Thrash Metal". It says everything !! No more words needed !!

Needless to say that this will be one of the best and most expected Latin American Thrash Metal debuts in the last years !

Release date: May-Jun/2013


EXTREME ATTACK - Thrash Metal (Official Video)


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Apr//2013 - EBM signs SPEEDBOOZER from USA !!

Tired and fed up with the pathetic, sterile "Metal" scene now-a-days and the popularity of Emo/Hipster/Scenster/Fag -core music, Count von Emoslayer decided to recruit some die hards into a raw, filthy and primitive project named Speedböozer. In the vein of Motörhead and Venom, the trio set out to create some of the most raw, aggressive, and pissed off Punk Metal these parts have ever seen. Taking the love for raw Punk bands such as Discharge, Disorder, G.B.H. and The Exploited and molding it into the love for Motorhead, Venom and Warfare (along with a healthy dose of post-apocalyptic films and 1%er Biker Culture). Speedböozer is the fist in the face of modern music and a middle finger at all the fashionable, trendy Emo kids. Fuck off to technical, sweep picking, "look at me", break down playing pretentious pricks and show offs. FUCK YOU. Distortion and deafness! Raw, violent, and primitive! We are the atomic bastards of the modern age. We are... the mighty SPEEDBOOZER!!!! .

Release date: May-Jun/2013


SPEEDBOOZER - Drop the Nukes


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Apr//2013 - EBM / Century Media - To extend Distribution Deal for USA !

We are glad to announce that EBM and Century Media have agreed to extend the Distribution deal of our Catalog for the U.S.A. territory.

EBM signed a distribution deal with Century Media over 1 year ago, so it is definitely a good new for us to continue with this collaboration.

One of our main purposes as label has always been to be able to reach the more people possible and make available our catalog to a wider audience, and Century Media is definitely a good partner.

Apr//2013 - EBM signs MOSH-PIT JUSTICE from USA !!


Combining POWER,PROGRESSIVE, THRASH and DOOM the band brings fresh grasp of air in today's metal scene.

Release date: May-Jun/2013




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Apr//2013 - VIOLENTOR - Dirty Speed Metal Tour 2013

24.04 Club Noir Szeged - Hungary
25.04 TBA - Sibiu - Romania
26.04 The Rock Scene - Slatina - Romania
27.04 Private Hell - Bucarest - Romania
28.04 Gambrinus Pub - Cluj -Napoca - Romania
29.04 TBA
30.04 TBA - Timisoara

04.05 United Club Torino - Italy
18.05 Zio Rock Club Lucca - Italy
24.05 Angelo Azzurro Club Genova
w/NECRONOMICON (GER) + Guests - Italy
25.05 Controsenso Club Prato
w/NATRON (ITA) + Guests - Italy


for VIOLENTOR merchandise please write to: violentor@live.it

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Jan//2013 - ARMOR COLUMN - Official Video

New York Metal Warriors just relased their Official Video for the "With Blood and Vengeance - song" which is featured in their Masterful Debut album "Maximum Collateral Damage - Digipack CD"

The album has gotten a killer response from the Underground Metal World and has been highly praised by the Metal Media.

Enjoy !.

Watch Video here

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Jan//2013 - EBM signs MACHINAGE from Brazil !!

Heavy, Speed and Melody.

3 words that clearly define what MACHINAGE is.

"It Make us Hate" was produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Tim Laud (Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy) at Porch Studio - USA, has 9 tracks of pure Thrash Metal and features Antonio Araujo of Korzus playing "Next Victim".

Release date: Feb/2013


MACHINAGE - Is This the Way ?


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Jan//2013 - SOFISTICATOR - to play Thrash Metal Fest


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Nov//2012 - TORMENT Release Party Tour !!

Available Merchandise:

TORMENT TShirts (10 Euros)

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL

TORMENT Patchs (3 Euros)

For sales and Info please write to: gigithrasher12@hotmail.it

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Nov//2012 - EBM signs HIDEWEAVER from Italy !!

After listening to HIDEWEAVER we got very impressed with the band's sophisticated music and distinctive style. The band offers an original and noble mixture of heavy metal and AOR played with the technique of prog.

Exquisite melodies, outstanding guitar work, impressive structures and magical vocals and choruses will take the listener to a magical journey of beautiful landscapes and enchanted dreams. "Silver Bullet" is the key that will open the doors of your imagination and will bring magical visions to those long and lonely nights where Metal Music is your escape from reality.

Release date: Nov-Dec/2012



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Nov//2012 - VIOLENTOR Release Party Tour !!

23.11.2012 @ Closer ROMA

24.11.2012 @ Exenzia PRATO

25.11.2012 @ Blue Rose MILANO

30.11.2012 @ Mc Queen PARMA

01.12.2012 @ Swamp MASSA

07.12.2012 @ Warehouse NEWCASTLE (UK)
w/DESTROYER666/ Vortex/Repulsive Vision

08.12.2012 @ LONDON TBA

for VIOLENTOR merchandise please write to: violentor@live.it

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Oct//2012 - EBM will re-release ADRENICIDE's Natural Born Thrashers
and Raging Full on CD's

EBM will re-release both ADRENICIDE's Classic albums from 2007 and 2008. These new versions will come with totally new layout, pictures, modified Artwork and exclusive bonus tracks (demos, un-released tracks and live tracks).

Release date: Dic/2012



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Sep//2012 - EBM signs TORMENT from Italy !!

Italian Thrashers TORMENT started in 2002 as a "cover" band, soon after they started to work in their own ideas and released their first full length in 2007 and an EP in 2010.

With many lineup changes the band has reached a very particular sound with the obvious 80's Bay Area influences but with a difinitive "Italian old school sound" very into the early Italian classics such as Bulldozer, Necrodeath, Schizo, Alligator, DeatRage, Sadist, etc.

"Damage is Done" is the band's 2012 full length and marks a very important step for the band by reaching a level to be considered a new Italian promise in the current Thrash Metal Scene.

Release date: Oct/2012


TORMENT - Forced Cynicism


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Sep//2012 - EBM signs SEAX from U.S.A. !!

"If you have a need for speed then you definitely need to do yourself a favor and check out the Massachusetts based band SEAX. Formed in 2010 this group of thrashers set out to bring old-school thrash/speed metal to the New England area and eventually bring their style of music to the rest of the world.

SEAX combines uncompromising old-fashioned speed metal with an unabashedly punk sensibility. The band have captured the essence of that metal/punk hybrid that characterized so much of what we called “speed metal” during the 80s, I cannot think of any other current band mining the same territory quite the way SEAX does.

SEAX music has a purity, a simplicity, a nostalgia and an unstopable energy that sets this band apart from the rest.

High on Metal is definitely the soundtrack to one of my favorite nights of live heavy metal music in recent memory".

EBM proudly announces the signing of New England based Speed Metal maniacs SEAX, first release on the Label will be a Re-issue of their killer debut album "High on Metal".

Release date: Oct/2012


SEAX - High on Metal


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Sep/2012 - EBM signs TESTIMONY and INTERCEPTOR for a Split CD !

The THRASH IS BACK series continues bringing some of the Best Thrash Metal bands from the current Underground Metal Scene.

Coming from Indiana and formed in late 2009, TESTIMONY consists of four young metalheads who are devoted to the proliferation of Progressive Thrash Metal and the creation thereof. Testimony sets itself apart with superior musicianship and complexity that is hard to come by in this day and age. Bands come and go, but few capture the mind of the listener like Testimony.

TESTIMONY combines elements of thrash and progressive metal, yielding a sort of spacey travel through time that rips like any other band from '80s, but with an artistic flair all its own. The band's first release, Transcending Reality, borrows heavily from what came over 20 years ago, but places a lengthy twist on the music, often with drawn out sections and technical bonuses.

"Transcending Reality", is a definitive piece of Metal to watch out and has all the elements to show the band's true potential and promising future.


INTERCEPTOR are yet another band that is putting Italian thrash metal on the map. Formed in 2009 the band under went dramatic line-up changes for nearly two years until finally in 2011 the band established a stable line-up allowing Interceptor to unleash their debut EP "One With The Beast..Meet With The Damned" upon masses.

Their music is a very good mix of german thrash bands like Kreator, Sodom & even Tankard and US thrash bands like Forbidden, early Testament, early Anthrax. Interceptor will take you on an old-school thrill ride that is as fast as it is furious. Featuring face melting intensity, a few killer solos and riffs that are sure to break your freakin' neck,  One With The Beast...Meet With The Damned  has something for everyone including a killer cover of the Grim Reaper tune See You In Hell . The bottom line is One With The Beast...Meet With The Damned is mandatory for any fan of the thrash metal genre.


EBM will release these 2 killer EPs as a Split CD

Release date: Sep/2012

Testimony Biography Official site
Interceptor Biography Reverbnation
Sep//2012 - EBM signs BLASFEMADOR from Brazil !!

Coming from Brazil and with a definitive Old School sound, BLASFEMADOR brings some of the best elements of the early Brazilian Underground Metal Scene.

Brazilian Cult classics such as Sepultura, Chakal, Vulcano, Mutilador, MX and Sarcofago comes immediately to mind after listening to this Mettal Attack.

Definitely one of the most genuine Old School Brazilian-sounding metal albums of the recent years !

Release date: Sep/Oct 2012


Blasfemador - Speed Metal Ataque


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Ago//2012 - SOFISTICATOR - Official Video

Official SOFISTICATOR's Video for the song: "Wa Sborr to Rock 'n Roll"


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Jul//2012 - BLUDVERA Terrorform CD - out Now !

The new album by Liverpool's BLUDVERA is a testament to how a thrash band can offer up quality songs, keenly executed, and remain true to their own sound while flying the flag of their influences. No, they are not necessarily reinventing thrash here with Terrorform , nor do they need to, but after repeated headbanging sessions to their mix of Bay Area and Teutonic thrash, these bad-ass metal forgers create music that is unmistakably… Bludvera.

Musically, Terrorform is solid and each song is orchestrated to kick ass to the highest degree. Songs such as Powerhouse combines both technical and driving riffage with building dynamics to produce a tune of sonic fist-banging insanity. Citizen Monopoly rides the Kreator edge with harsh blistering guitar work, venomous vocals, and a galloping breakdown that is bound to cause certain mayhem in the pit.



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Jul//2012 - VIOLENTOR working in new Release

Italian Thrashers VIOLENTOR will enter the studio this month to start the recording of their new Album. ROT, the title for the new album, is planned to be ready this coming November.

The band's debut full length has gotten an amazing response from the underground scene and has been highly praised by the metal media.

According to the band's own words: " It's time to return with new full lenght 'ROT', a masterpiece of raw old school in true Violentor style out on november 2012!
Prepare to die! "


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Jun//2012 - DUNKELL REITER death and pain CD - Out Now !!

After some delays due to pressing matters the DUNKELL REITER death and pain CD finally is Out !!

DUNKELL REITER was formed in 1997 and has released 2 EPs so far, this full length includes both of their EPs plus 3 live tracks as bonuses.

Along with other killer Brazilian acts such as Violator, Prophecy, Sodomizer, etc; Dunkell Reiter is making a name in the current Underground scene and is part of the new Brazilian Thrash Metal Wave that every true Metal Head knows about..


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May/2012 - EBM signs RANDOMORDER from Australia !!

"Australian thrashers Randomorder have created one hell of an album. The Forbidden Knowledge is packed with a ton of originality, mixed with influences from old-school thrash greats such as Sepultura, Slayer, Kreator and Sodom.

Randomorder will blow any listener away with their massive assault of thrash fury. The top-notch production of this album allows the listener to hear every impressive solo and face melting riff this album has to offer, and trust me when I say this album features a ton of them! Matching the killer axe attack in intensity and skill are the vicious vocals and devastating drums that feature a mixture of tempos ranging from average speeds to furious blast beats. Indeed Randomorder are the complete package and The Forbidden Knowledge is proof of this.

With The Forbidden Knowledge, Randomorder have proven they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of extreme metal. Not only has the band released their debut album but Randomorder have released an album that will be considered a classic in the years to come." Globalthrashassault.net

EBM proudly announces the Worldwide release of the The Forbidden Knowledge, the debut full length of one of the best Thrash Metal bands from Australia.

Release date: May/2012

Randomorder - Desecration is your name.


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Apr//2012 - ARMOR COLUMN - Coming shows !


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Apr//2012 - TOXIC TRACE - EP recorded + Artwork revealed !

Serbian Thrashers, TOXIC TRACE, just finished the recording sessions of their new EP, the mixing process is taken place in the coming days.

We did also receive the final ARTWORK for this new release, which as you can see is 100 % Top Killer !!!

This new release is already creating a lot of expectations since Torment (the band's debut) got an amazing response from the Metal Underground Scene, so you know what to expect from this amazing Thrash Tornado: Rabid Aggression and Unstopable Speed at 1000 mph !!.

Release date: Jun/12


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Abr//2012 - EBM signs BLUDVERA from England !!

This is thrash metal at its purest and truest, one of the most genuine-sounding bands to emerge from the new thrash metal wave.

BLUDVERA's debut album proves the early potential they showed has been fulfilled, and more than justifies the increasingly strong fanbase they've built throughout England.

The band is set to conquer the world with their old school and aggressive balls-to-the-wall thrashing metal madness!

Release date: TBA


Bludvera - Powerhouse.


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Mar//2012 - EBM signs NUCLEAR OMNICIDE from Finland !!

When first listened to these very young Thrashers immediately came to mind those early glorious days of the 80's Metal Scene.

I clearly could see a James Hetfield, a Tom Araya, a Gary Holt writting their first songs and playing their instruments with the same intensity and passion just like these young band do it today.

Is unnecessary this comparison ? maybe, but truth is that the obvious talent, quality and potential of Nuclear Omnicide is evident, and their passion for what they are doing with their muisic definitely makes their sound memorable.

These young Thrashers come from Finland and their music is just like it was decades ago during the dawn of this killer and amazing underground movement: it's pure, it's energetic, it's uncompromising, it's passionate and it's intense as hell !!

Pure Fucking Thrash Metal at its best !!!

Release date: TBA


Nuclear Omnicide - Blood Currency.


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Feb//2012 - EBM signs ALCOHOLIC RITES from Ecuador !!

Ecuador's most extreme metal troops has just signed to EBM for the worldwide release of their debut full length ALKOMANIFESTO.

Originally released on vnyl (only) in Germany by Ironbonehead, we are more than honored in being able to release the CD version of this Metal Horde to the underground metal world.

1000% mandatory for those into early Sarcofago, Sodom, Bathory, Hellhammer and more cult/ancient metal hordes!!

New Artwork and Layout for the CD version in the works.

Release date: TBA


Alcoholic Rites - Alkomanifesto.


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Jan//2012 - TOXIC TRACE to enter the Studio to record new album !

Serbian Thrashers, TOXIC TRACE, will enter the Studio this February/15 to start recording the new album.

Torment, the band's debut full length, got a killer response from the underground metal scene and was widely praised by reviewers worldwide, so we at EBM are really excited about this band's new recording.

You know what to expect from this amazing Thrash Tornado: Rabid Aggression and Unstopable Speed at 1000 mph !!.


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Jan//2012 - EBM signs DUNKELL REITER from Brazil !!

Brazil is well known for having one of the biggest Metal Scenes around, Cult Metal acts have emerged since the early 80's, and we at EBM are more than proud in adding another killer Brazilian act to our ever growing family. DUNKELL REITER was formed in 1997 and has released 2 EPs so far.

Rawness, speed and aggression are the main reference when listening to the band's music, the obvious 80's Heavy/Thrash Metal influence are here, they dont try to re-invent the scene, just follow their passion for what they love the most: Pure and Simple THRASH METAL !!!.

Release date: Jan/Feb - 2012

Dunkell Reiter - Chainsaw..Return to Darkness.


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Jan//2012 - EBM signs SOFISTICATOR from Italy !!

SOFISTICATOR is a relatively new Italian Thrash Metal band strongly influenced by the likes of Exodus, Slayer, Venom, Sodom and Overkill. The band's music can be described as Raw and Simple.

According to the band itself, they are very into the Old School and want to keep their sound and style as Old School as possible. Even the layout design looks as it looked in the old 80's, so you may get a main idea about what to expect from this Killer Thrash Metal act.

Release date: Jan/Feb - 2012

Sofisticator - Thrash and Clean.


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Jan//2012 - CVLT Nation top Six Thrash Metal Releases of 2011

VIOLENTOR debut CD is chosen as one of the Top Six Thrash Metal releases of 2011 by CVLT Nation


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Nov//2011 - EBM signs DESTRUTOR from Brazil !!

When we first listened to this amazing band we iimediately thought that we had found a lost 80's gem, so we immediately started to look for more info about them and emailed them several times.

Finally, after several mails, we got a message, this way we found that they were a very young band and were very active !!! Wow !!

DESTRUTOR comes from Brazil and their sound can easlly be described as 100% Old School. Their very raw and dirty style immediately brings to mind other cult Brazilian acts such as Holocausto, Mutilator, MX and Chakal. So their main influences are obvious.

DESTRUTOR is definitely a 100% Old School oriented band, and what makes them even more interesting is that they sing in their native Portuguese languaje.

In the works and soon to be released via EBM records the dedut full length of this new formidable force !!!.

With the amazing colaboration of Sean Fitzgerald for the Artwork cover.


Destrutor - Ataque Infernal.


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Nov//2011 - ALCOHOLATOR debut full length - Out Now !!

Countless beers and endless nights were necesary for these Canadian Thrashers to create and release via EBM records their amazing debut full length !!!

Alcoholator's musicianship skills are obvious and Matt (Alcoholator's singer) has succeeded in creating a Metal promise of truly high standards.

The band's interesting mix of speed, agression and melody makes their music even more interesting for every metal head eager for the new comers in Thrash Metal !!


Alcoholator - live at Katacombes - 19/02/2011.


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Aug//2011 - THRASHFIRE debut full length - Out Now !!

EBM continues bringing some of the most promising Thrash Metal bands from today's underground Metal Scene.

Thrash Metal from Turkey !! THRASHFIRE brings this country to the Metal map by releasing their debut full length via EBM records!, and It promises to be another strong Metal Revelation in the already sucessful Thrash is Back Series.

Thrash Burned the Hell shows some of the rawest Thrash Metal music today, and this very particular sound gives Thrashfire a very particular place in the current underground metal scene.


Official World Domination video.

Watch this video in a better definition here

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Jul//2011 - ALCOHOLATOR - Artwork revealed

From the hand of talented Artist Sean Fitzgerald ( Extreme Noise Terror, Phobia, Coldwar, Raw Noise, etc) we got the final design for the ALCOHOLATOR's Coma debut full length !!

The band wanted a totally old school/classic design so we all are really glad with this final Artwork !!.

The band has finished the recording process and are currently working in the mixing and mastering work.

Release date: Aug/2011

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Jun//2011 - ARMOR COLUMN - New Promotional Video !


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May//2011 - VIOLENTOR debut full length - Out Now !!

EBM continues bringing some of the best Metal promises from around the world.

VIOLENTOR, the new Italian force combines the speed and rawness of Motorhead with the dark and poisoning sound of Venom.

The result is a non-stop, relentless, churning, brain damaging Thrash and Roll music that definitely set this band apart from the rest.

Definitely mandatory for all those Metal heads eager for new talents and for the always amazing old school sound.

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May//2011 - THRASHFIRE - Artwork revealed

Thrashmetal from Turkey ! Yeah !!, Metal music is a world wide movement that has influenced the life of Millions !! This killer band shows to the whole world that quality music can emerge from any corner in this planet.

Release date: Jun/2011

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Abr//2011 - PRAYERS OF SANITY - At I Nemesis Radio Fest


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Abr//2011 - ADRENICIDE - New videos !!

Check out some of the latest live vids of Adrenicide:


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Mar//2011 - ARMOR COLUMN - Maximum Collateral Damage Digipack CD - Out !

What qualifies a metal release to be considered as one of the best debut albums of the year ?! Obviously a lot of factors should be considered to make such appointment.

But if talking about technical ability and instrumental skill, vocal capacities and qualities, amazing guitar riffs and attacks, top production, and all of this combined with a true passion for the metal music, the result is an album of true high standards.

Armor Column is the new US Metal revelation and "Maximum Collateral Damage " is destined to be considered a Metal Classic. We have no doubt about !!

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Mar//2011 - EBM signs Violentor from Italy !

EBM continues bringing some of the best Metal promises from around the world. We proudly announce our new signing:

VIOLENTOR, the new Italian force combines the speed and rawness of Motorhead with the dark and poisoning sound of Venom.

The result is a non-stop, relentless, churning, brain damaging Thrash and Roll music that definitely set this band apart from the rest.

Definitely mandatory for all those Metal heads eager for new talents and for the always amazing old school sound.

Release date: Mar/Apr 2011

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Mar//2011 - MENTALLY DEFILED - The Thrash Brigade CD - Out !!

We had to wait for almost 1 year to release this killer Album.

Definitely one of the best current Thrash Metal units from Greece, that along with other killer acts such as Suicidal Angels, Crucifier, Released Anger, etc etc are helping to define the Greek scene as one of the most relevants from Europe.

Comes with deluxe 12 pages booklet.

Killer Artwork by Tom Martin of Lich King fame !.


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Feb//2011 - HELLKOMMANDER Death to my enemies CD - Out !!

Brazil has been without doubt a true home of some of the most amazing Metal acts ever emerged from any scene. Killer and cult acts have been born since the old glorious days. The list is endless !!.

We can say that Brazil is to Metal as Sweden to Crustcore !.

Originally released by Dark Sun records for the American territory and High Roller for the European region. EBM has gotten the honour to re-release this Brazilian cult classic since it has been sold out for some time now.

Dark, cold and morbid sounds define the musik of this Brazilian entity.

Definitely very recomended for those into the ancient sounds of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost !!!

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Feb//2011 - CONSPIRACY Hope Over board CD - Out !!

Coming from Greece and strongly influenced by the old Bay Area metal scene, Conspiracy has become a reference when talking about the current Greek's Underground Metal scene.

The band has giged actively and shared stage with classic acts such as Tankard, Annihilator and DRI among others.

Hope Over Board is the band's debut full-length and offers 10 tracks of pure Thrash/Crossover madness for the most hardcore metal heads eager for new talents that will define the path of the current Underground Metal Scene !!

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Feb//2011 - Promo Video for the coming ARMOR COLUMN new CD

Premier USA Speed/Power Metal are ready to deliver their Metallic Assault in Stylish Digipack packaging via EBM/MWA alliance !

Expect some of the best Speed/Power Metal coming from America at this modern day !!

Release date: Feb/2011

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Feb//2011 - EBM signs BioCancer from Greece !

It was over 20 years ago (I was 12 years old when first hear of Metal music and my life changed forever !!) ) during the glorious days of Underground Metal when I just discovered a sound that has lived in my mind since then. I used to attend a weekend market where metalheads used to trade records and tapes (the local network traders). I remember clearly that day, I was looking for some SLAYER/CELTIC FROST stuff when suddenly a very intense, maniac and savage noise came from somewhere. It got my attention immediately, the thing that most captured my attention was the maniac and out of control vocals, it was crazy as hell and without any kind of melody, just an intense and savage screaming !

Unfortunatelly i was never able to know which band was that who delivered that " noise". The guys who was playing the record (or tape?) just moved on and disappeared from my eyes.

There were of course more memorable moments such as the discovery of Grindcore (Napalm Death/Fear of God/ENT era) but that is history...

Why do i mention this ?, well, because those memories came alive again immediately after have Ilistened to this killer band from Greece: BIOCANCER !!!

These young Thrashers come from Athens and their music is just like it was decades ago during the dawn of this killer and amazing underground movement: it's pure, it's energetic, it's uncompromising, it's passionate and it's intense as hell !!

Pure Fucking Thrash Metal at its best !!!

Ear Piercing Thrash is the title for the debut album of these Young Thrash Metal Maniacs, and we have not doubt that this release will be another killer sucess in the current EBM's Thrash is Back series.

Artwork already in the works by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste).

Release date: TBA

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Jan//2011 - MENTALLY DEFILED - Artwork revealed

The wait is Over !!

After almost 1 year of looking for the correct Artwork for the band's debut album it is finally revealed by the hands of one of the most talented Artists in the current underground metal scene: Tom Martin of Lich King.  So 1 year later we can say: " it did worth the wait " !!

We could not be more happy with this final Artwork, definitely this top quality band deserve the best !!

Release date: Feb/2011

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Jan//2011 - EBM signs Alcoholator from Canada !

EBM got a deal with Canadian Thrash Metal Maniacs ALCOHOLATOR. (ex-Abusor) for the release of the band's debut full-length.

The band is currently ready to enter the Studio to start the recording sessions.

The band's frontman Matt Butcher comments: "We're really happy about this contribution and are eager to enter the studio in April to unleash the album for everyone to enjoy as soon as possible. We're writing some pretty aggressive material as we speak and are very excited about how everything is coming around! You can expect 11 alcohol fueled, hangover inducing, face ripping tracks that will keep you hungry for more!"

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Jan//2011 - TOXIC TRACE Torment CD - Out !!

Influenced by first-wave of German thrash metal bands such as Kreator, Sodom and Destruction TOXIC TRACE, the new formidable Serbian force, offers some of the most raw and crude Speed/Thrash metal coming from Europe at this modern day.

Unstopable Speed is the main reference of this Thrash Tornado that along with other killer acts such as Pollution, Nadimac and Space Eater have put Serbia in the World Wide map as a reference and home of some of the new Metal Forces that surely will make history in fastgrowing thrash metal revival.

Torment is the band's debut full-length and is already destined to be one of the fastest Speed/Thrash metal albums of Today's Thrash Metal scene.

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Jan//2011 - PROPHECY Legions of Violence Digi CD - Out !!

The wait is over...

Originally released by Morbid Tales recs from Brazil for Southamerican distribution, EBM has the honour to re-release the debut full lenght of one of the most amazing current Brazilian Thrash Metal units.

The band's clean and very technical Thrash Metal sound really captured our attention after the first listen. We immediately realized the imminent talent of this young thrashers.

Prophecy is without any doubt a true Southamerican promise with a very potential future and we have no doubt that they will become soon in a true reference for all the Southamerican Thrash Metal music.

Comes in a Deluxe Digipack edition and includes a 12 pages booklet with lyrics, photos and info.

Also this Deluxe edition includes 2 extra tracks taken from a previous demo as Bonuses.

Those into early Metallica and Megadeth will be amazed !.

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Jan//2011 - EBM signs Armor Column !

On horses of steel ARMOR COLUMN advances onto the scene in defense of true metal. The forces were amassed in late 2007 when SKINLESS guitarist Noah Carpenter joined with HELD UNDER's drummer Johnny G, and vocalist Jeff Andrews. The formation is completed with Ray Russell on guitar, and bassist Tom Barber. Hailing from the Albany, New York region, ARMOR COLUMN combines the strongest aspects of both thrash and heavy powermetal. ARMOR COLUMN's mission is to attack local stages with their brand of POWERTHRASH and continue the imperialistic onslaught to lands beyond. Themes of war and conquest prevail and these guys have no intention of showing mercy for the meek.

Debut full-length coming in Deluxe 6 Panel Digipack Edition.

Release date: January/2011

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Oct//2010 - TORMENTER Pulse of Terror CD - Out !!

The wait is over...

One of the most anticipated debut albums in the N.W.O.T.M.

Straight off the streets of LA, ToRmenTeR is a 5-piece Speed Thrash entity ready to bring the LA metal scene to a new level. The band has vigorously been working hard to establish themselves as one of the premiere bands in LA. Taking influence from bands like Testament, Exodus, Kreator, Razor, Sepultura, and Metallica; Tormenter has developed a sound they can call their own. The band has released the EP "Assault From Beyond the Grave" which was met to great interest. They have had the honor of gracing several stages in the LA area as well as other areas in CA, with such bands as Exodus, Destruction, and Obituary. With a positive outlook on the things to come the band is prepared make a fan out of anyone to come into their presence.

Cover Artwork by killer Artist Jumali Katani.

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It has taken a long of time to complete this release but finally we are more than proud to bring this killer Split to life.

Dbeat/Crustcore at its best from 2 killer bands that clearly represent some of the rawest and fiercest music coming from Europe and America.

Sweden is well know for offering some of the best killer acts in Crustcore music. TERRORSTAT is another example of some of the fiercest Swedish Crustcore but with an apocaliptyc approach that makes them unique in their sound.

TWISTED SYSTEM from Canada offers a sound strongly influenced by early classics such as Disrupt, DOOM and ENT. The band has already 1 release on Canadian Unrest label.


Crustcore Assault


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Sep/2009 - EBM records - New Site

Proudly, we introduce our totally new website !!!.

It has taken a lot of work and time to finally have our new site online. This new version will offer a more professional layout and a more varied and dynamic information. Our media section will offer the most recent videos from our roster, this way we are taken advantage of the current technology available on the Net.

We are currently working in the new Webstore, it will be a professional development so we are really busy in such matter. And considering that our Stock is really huge it will take some time to have the Webstore finished. Obviously that our current "Estore/Mailorder" is online and working.