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> Biography

The project Hideweaver was born from the ashes of a band called Themselves, founded by guitarist Fabio Lanyux Rossi in the late nineties. The band participates in late 2002 and early 2003 the first compilation of '"Italian Metal Alliance" ("IMA"), as well as Volume 17 of the Lithuanian Underground Compilation "Atlantida Productions", appearing in both with the song "Time to Rise. "In December 2003, Themselves choose the new monicker "Hideweaver" and a new Demo-CD, Time to Rise, is completed and published April 7, 2004.

After several changes, the current lineup of Hideweaver, with new singer Nando Dessena, Gregorio Fabbri on drums, Raffaele Guarino on bass , Luca Amadori and Fabio Rossi on guitars, debuted in 2007 with the demo tape Wash My Tears Away , mini album where the band dusts off old tracks with a renewed sound and sophisticated arrangements. The demo of 2007 draws guidelines for the full length Silver Bullet, published in 2012, combining a heavy guitar work and an underlying rock grooves with melodic vocal lines typically AOR. The album is distributed worldwide by digital Zimbalam label.

> Discography
Album Label Year
Silver Bullet CD EBM 2013
> Line-up
Vocals: Nando Dessena
Guitar: Luca Amadori
Guitar: Fabio Rossi
Bass: Raffaele Guarino
Drums: Gregorio Fabbri
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